ballet project [d] presents new ballet performances in Dublin every season, featuring new musical compositions and choreography that showcases the individuality of each professional dancer in our company.

We provide engaging cultural entertainment for the public that inspires local children and adults to pursue the art of ballet. One of our main goals is to share this mesmerizing art form with new audiences - this is why we always feature innovative ideas and approaches that make our performances more appealing and approachable to everyone.

Whether you're looking for an entertaining and artistic experience, or you're thinking about trying ballet out for yourself, our shows are designed with you in mind above all else. We're thrilled to share our devotion to this classical art form with Dublin - a city already passionate about music and dance.

Read about some of our recent performances below, and make sure to check out our 2017 highlight video, and more video and photos of our professional ballet company.

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Rational Creatures


Choreography: Lauren Speirs


Music: Elegie in E Flat, Romance, Italian Polka, Concerto #2 Moderato, by Sergei Rachmaninoff


Costumes: Alison Finn


6 dancers, 25 minutes 




Choreography: Lauren Speirs in collaboration with Fiona Kania


Music: Hello Night, Forest, Escape Artist (Zoe Keating); Luminous (Max Richter)


6 dancers, 17 minutes 

Dancer balances on shoulder during performance of Ensnared

Carnival of Animals


Premiered March 2017 at The Mill Theatre in Dublin, Ireland 


Choreography/Story/Projections: Lauren Speirs


Music: Camille Saint-Saëns with "The Animal Fair" by River Raisin Ragtime Review


11 dancers, 30 minutes 

Dangerous Business


Premiered July 2016 at Smock Alley Theatre Dublin, Ireland


Choreography: Lauren Speirs


Music: Max Richter, Zoe Keating, Thomas Newman


6 dancers, 11 minutes 

Passing Shadows


Premiered July 2016 at Smock Alley Theatre Dublin, Ireland


Choreography: Lauren Speirs


Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff 


6 dancers, 30 minutes

Studies in Red


Premiered January 2016 at Dance House Dublin, Ireland and Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016


Choreography: Lauren Speirs 


Music: Philip Glass 


5 dancers, 21 minutes