Lauren Speirs on Good Morning Dublin

Ballet project [d] founder Lauren Speirs was recently interviewed on Good Morning Dublin on Dublin City fm radio station. She spoke about ballet project [d]. several upcoming shows, and a few more exciting things going on around Dublin's arts scene. The interview is available to stream online - give a listen! 

Listen to the interview...

ballet project [d] profiled in Dance Informa

Dance magazine Dance Informa recently published a featured article profile of ballet project [d] and founder Lauren Speirs. The article tells the story of Lauren's journey from New Jersey to Dublin, and the founding of ballet project [d]:


Sometimes, when an opportunity is missing, you just have to create it. That’s precisely what 27-year-old Lauren Speirs did when her fiancé’s job brought them to Dublin, Ireland, in 2014, and Speirs found the dance scene to be somewhat lacking. Having had a busy dance life back home in New Jersey – studying with former American Ballet Theatre star Susan Jaffe and Risa Kaplowitz at Princeton Dance and Theater Studio, and freelancing with companies throughout New York – Speirs felt eager to contribute to the arts landscape in Ireland.


Edinburgh Fringe performance reviewed

ballet project [d]’s performance, Studies in Red was recently called the highlight of the Dance Forms show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Lucy Komisar, writing for The Komisar Scoop, put the number, choreographed by Lauren Spiers, at the top of her list of favorite performances:

Choreographer Lauren Speirs, who also danced in the piece, uses Philip Glass’ “The Hours” to set the mood, and the mode, which is on toe. The other very good performers are by Clare Bassett, Nicole Fedorov, Diamaid O’Meara, Gearoid Solan.


Illuminated Passages performance reviewed in Ireland Today

Illuminated Passages recently received a strong review from Laura Lynott of Ireland Today. Lynott caught the group’s performance at the Dance House in Dublin, and then caught up with Lauren Speirs to talk about the challenge of being one of the only ballet companies performing in Ireland.

The almost full to capacity theatre of all ages were mesmorised.  The only words I could hear came during short intervals from two rather inebriated ladies sitting behind me….Still, even after what appeared to be several glasses of wine – they had rather loudly only heaped praise on the show, even commenting on which male dancer they preferred.