Edinburgh Fringe performance reviewed

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ballet project [d]’s performance, Studies in Red was recently called the highlight of the Dance Forms show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Lucy Komisar, writing for The Komisar Scoop, put the number, choreographed by Lauren Spiers, at the top of her list of favorite performances:

Choreographer Lauren Speirs, who also danced in the piece, uses Philip Glass’ “The Hours” to set the mood, and the mode, which is on toe. The other very good performers are by Clare Bassett, Nicole Fedorov, Diamaid O’Meara, Gearoid Solan.

Read the rest of the story here, and check out this video of the performance in case you missed it:

  1. Andrew Muldonn


    Beautiful work. I really enjoyed “Studies in red”.
    I didn’t Know that you were doing choreography as well as performing.

    Congratulation on perusing your dreams.

    Andy Muldoon

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