We're a professional ballet company focused on producing distinctive new works and Irish premiers. We're driven by our passion to create great art and a unique experience for Irish audiences and nurture our artists.


Letter from the Artistic Director

Lauren Speirs poses near Dublin Castle
Photo by Niamh Smith


I’m happy to welcome you to ballet projected. I invite you to explore our website and find out more about our passion to create great dance.

I am excited about creating new opportunities for the Irish arts community. I believe we at ballet projected have begun a journey to create our own unique style here in Dublin; one that will be recognized on an international stage. We work closely with our own artists and international artists to create and distribute our own brand of dance here in Dublin. Even if we tackle a classical piece, we will present it in our own unique way.

I also believe in making dance approachable and getting as many new people in to see it as possible.  My goal is not only to entertain people with dance but also to educate so that everyone can appreciate this art form.  

How do I do this? I get you up close and personal so you can see the sweat and hear us breathing. I try to choose music that appeals to a majority of audience members, make our performances short and sweet, and showcase the best in my dancers.

I also believe in nurturing talent. Just spotting someone's gifts is not enough for me, I am driven to help that artist cultivate their strengths to true greatness.

This is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspect of dance so it is a critical part of our mission. To nurture talent and give artists a space to test their skills.

What started from creating one choreographic piece in Dublin has grown into a larger, exciting mission that I'm happy to share with our artists and family of sponsors and audience members.


I look forward to bringing more dance to you,