Rational Creatures


Choreography: Lauren Speirs


Music: Elegie in E Flat, Romance, Italian Polka, Concerto #2 Moderato, by Sergei Rachmaninoff


Costumes: Alison Finn


6 dancers, 25 minutes 

Rational creatures




Choreography: Lauren Speirs in collaboration with Fiona Kania


Music: Hello Night, Forest, Escape Artist (Zoe Keating); Luminous (Max Richter)


6 dancers, 17 minutes 

Dancer balances on shoulder during performance of Ensnared

Carnival of Animals


Premiered March 2017 at The Mill Theatre in Dublin, Ireland 


Choreography/Story/Projections: Lauren Speirs


Music: Camille Saint-Saëns with "The Animal Fair" by River Raisin Ragtime Review


11 dancers, 30 minutes 

Dangerous Business


Premiered July 2016 at Smock Alley Theatre Dublin, Ireland


Choreography: Lauren Speirs


Music: Max Richter, Zoe Keating, Thomas Newman


6 dancers, 11 minutes 

Passing Shadows


Premiered July 2016 at Smock Alley Theatre Dublin, Ireland


Choreography: Lauren Speirs


Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff 


6 dancers, 30 minutes

Studies in Red


Premiered January 2016 at Dance House Dublin, Ireland and Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016


Choreography: Lauren Speirs 


Music: Philip Glass 


5 dancers, 21 minutes